ROSIE: An app that manages all your entertainment

ROSIE's site map: How the system works

Initially, we were looking into reinventing notifications on the phone because they disturb one’s attention. There is no priority between important alerts versus spam. And they feel like information overload and usually come at the wrong time (driving, at work, etc). 

We came up with an entertainment concierge named ROSIE (after the Jetson's character). ROSIE manages all your entertainment from ordering concert tickets to watching the latest episode of your favorite TV show by learning your taste in entertainment.

ROSIE's task flow

ROSIE pulls content data from Facebook, Spotify, Hulu, HBO GO, Netflix, and any other entertainment app, as well as user's location via Moves or any geo-location app, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram and ones' calendar. 

ROSIE learns what entertainment you like and provides you notifications based on your interests. Helps manage your time by syncing with your calendar. She is able to suggest recommendations based on what you already like and your behavior.

ROSIE is for people who:

  • want to manage their time better
  • are disorganized or have busy schedules
  • watch multiple shows and want a way to keep track of them
  • want to be super productive and efficient with their every waking moment
  • have type-A personalities
  • have the desire to empty out one’s inbox (zeroing)

ROSIE is smart. She locates where you are, knows what you are currently doing, syncs with your calendar, and learns what you like and don’t like. Such as those notification you’ve never opened or you’ve deleted right away upon receiving them. She knows not to disturb you with a pestering alert when you are work (see video)—a muted alert. She knows exactly when you have free time ready to enjoy something to watch! 

ROSIE notifies users' at the ideal moment. She knows how much time they have to spare and serves up precise entertainment and can also suggest other media and actual events based on users’ interests and allotted time.

In collaboration with Jeffrey Gochman, Effy Zhang and Hanna Yoon